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Flood Zone Determinations

Instant nationwide flood zone determinations. If manual research is required, our provider guarantees completion within four hours-or it's free!

At TEJ Agency, we have providers that specialize in being able to tell you whether or not properties either being acquired by, or used as collateral by, loan applicants sit on government-designated flood plains

The comprehensive Flood report is compiled in a user-friendly format and flags troublesome results, enabling you to evaluate your loan risk quickly and process applications more efficiently.

Simply click to order a flood zone determination report over our provider’s secure online platform. Their conclusions are based on the most current data detailing a property's flood-zone exposure. You can order a onetime determination-or request notification of flood zone status for the life of the loan. Over 85% of all flood certification requests are returned instantly nationwide.

The reports feature the most current flood zone data. HMDA census tract data is also available, allowing you to file regulatory reports quickly, minimizing the risk of noncompliance fees.

Loans with life-of-loan service are monitored for changes in FEMA maps and NFIP community status. Monthly notification is then provided on affected loans. Recertification will be provided for free when changes or updates affect flood status.

Instant nationwide flood zone determinations. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Let us show you how flood zone determinations can enhance your lender risk management program.

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