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Lender Placed Insurance

TEJ has access to markets to facilitate the placement of any type of insurance should a borrower not keep their required insurance in place on their pledged collateral i.e. Hazard, Fire, Wind Only, Flood, Business Personal Property, and Comp/Collision for Titled Collateral. TEJ handles everything from start to finish including underwriting, policy issuance, billing, and claims.

The lender placed process can be done with the bank handling the tracking and using our full service portal to order coverage with no application and no inspection, even for REO properties. You will also have the option to include regulatory notices mailed to the borrower by TEJ with the bank’s information and logo listed.

The lender placed insurance process can be done in conjunction with our premier, proprietary product, Jet Track.

To learn more about Jet Track, please click here to get a more detailed overview of the program.

Please note – Insurance availability may be limited based on your geographic region.

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