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JET Track Software

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For 40 years TEJ has worked from all sides of the insurance tracking industry. This has provided us with extensive knowledge on what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. Early on, we acted strictly as an agent and sold tracking services for other tracking vendors. Often times that led to us not having the control we needed in order to best serve our clients. We didn’t want to offer something off the shelf. Every lender is different and we want to offer an option that best suits their individual needs. That prompted us to begin tracking it ourselves 15 years ago. While that was a better option and allowed us more flexibility and oversight, we were still limited by the technology because we didn’t own it and had very little leverage to enact change to facilitate future growth. That led us to where we are today, tracking it ourselves with our very own software, Jet Track,…..built from the ground up by TEJ! We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities our software will bring us, both to our benefit and yours! Our lenders have to constantly ebb and flow with lending regulatory changes and TEJ should have the same capabilities as a service provider and we now have just that! 


When a lender engages an outside service provider to perform a task, and too many times that task is not completed in the manner expected, there is unfortunately, a loss of trust in that provider. Sometimes we see lenders tracking the insurance tracking provider! The follow up by the lender of the outsourced tracker defeats any economic advantages the program may have provided the lender. Jet Track changes that. 


When using a third party vendor, communication is paramount. Time and time again, communication gaps are present because the lender’s staff speaks from a lender’s viewpoint and the representative at the servicer might not possess that same knowledge. At TEJ, we have personnel with years of lending operations experience as well as risk management experts. The lender can feel more comfortable knowing that there is always someone at TEJ that speaks systems knowledge and “lender’s” language.  


Why Choose Jet Track? 


  • SMS/Email Notifications to borrowers that opt in 

  • Hard copy mailed notices remain available as well 

  • View borrower policy expirations days/weeks before they expire rather than waiting for them to show up on a report after expiration/cancellation. This in itself helps stay ahead and reduce any possible noise. 

  • One login needed for all actions including file upload, HelpDesk, and viewing exceptions 

  • Two Factor Authentication 

  • Online Claim Filing and Bill Pay 

  • Add/Remove REO/ORE policies as needed with no follow up underwriting or inspections 

  • All phone contact between your borrower and TEJ are recorded 

  • SSAE Compliant 

  • Audit Reports readily available to be pulled by the lender as needed 

  • Electronic Insurance Transmissions with documents included to limit mail issues 

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