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Blanket VSI

Blanket VSI – Blanket VSI only insures  the lender and is an alternative to lender placed CPI  

• Uninsured Physical Damage Coverage – Protects the lender from uninsured damage to the vehicle or loan collateral, occurring before repossession or for a limited time after repossession 

• Skip & Confiscation – Covers the lender against loss of collateral when borrower or vehicle cannot be located or when the vehicle has been seized by a public authority without any rights to recovery 

• Security Interest Non-filing – Protects the lender from an error or omission in the process of securing its interest in the loan collateral and subsequent loss of its right to repossess the collateral due to a lien by another creditor 

• Covers all types of consumer loan collateral: Autos, Vans, Light, Trucks, Motorcycle, RV, Watercraft, Mobile Home, Commercial Vehicle Equipment coverage also available 

• High Limit of Loss: $50,000 or more as needed 

• Deductible options available to reduce premium rate 

• Assumption of Coverage: Entire existing loan portfolio covered at policy inception at no cost 

Optional Coverages 

• Repossession Expense Reimbursement, Mechanic’s Lien Coverage, Towing & Storage,  Waiver of ACV 


• No insurance tracking required and no borrower complaints from force placed premiums and notices 

• Ease of use and no administrative burden. Simple monthly loan and premium reporting online 

• Premium may be disclosed and passed on to the borrower in most states w/out affecting APR

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