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Mechanical Breakdown

After the manufacturer’s warranty on your customer’s vehicle expires, an extended vehicle service contract will, depending on the selected plan, cover the majority of repairs for a specific number of years or for a certain amount of mileage.

It is much less expensive for your customer to pay for an extended vehicle service contract than it is to pay for expensive repairs out of their own pocket. It is an easy way of protecting their second biggest investment. Just as people have homeowner's insurance to protect their home, an extended vehicle service contract protects your customer’s means of transportation.

The price of automotive parts increases every year, which means that a minor repair can quickly become a major expense. Even worse, a major one can wipe out your borrower’s entire savings. Why take the risk, when something as simple as an extended vehicle service contract can cover the brunt of the costs for them?

TEJ Agency’s providers have tiered programs so that your customers can choose from a range of plans to find the coverage and prices that will best suit their individual financial circumstances. In addition, the cost of the program can added directly to your borrower’s loan and incorporated into their normal monthly payment.

Auto dealers generally charge more, because they have higher overhead expenses. Dollar per dollar, your customer may quite possibly get more in terms of better coverage and longer terms from you than they would from their dealer.

All things considered, an extended vehicle service contract may be the security blanket that your borrower needs for unexpected and costly repairs for their vehicles.