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Loan Calculator

Internet Loan Calculator

If you can’t calculate, you can’t sell. It’s a truism proven out many times over.

In addition, even if you can calculate the price of a product, it’s a fact that loan officers will only jump through so many hoops to obtain that price before they discontinue selling the product. Forcing them to jump to multiple places to get multiple prices simply doesn’t work for very long.

Many loan calculators available on the market today are built by vendors and designed to only allow for the sale of a very limited number of products (the company’s own products).

That’s why we worked with one of our vendors to design a free, Internet loan calculator that will allow you to price and sell five different products and have it all done within one, easy to understand and use interface.

The products available are:

  • Credit Life (use any provider you like)

  • Credit Disability (use any provider you like)

  • Credit Involuntary Unemployment Income (use our provider)

  • GAP coverage (insurance or debt protection) (use our providers)

  • Extended Vehicle Service Contracts (use our provider)

The benefits to you are:

  • More products

  • More sales and fee income

  • More loan protection for you and your customers

  • Greater customer satisfaction

There is no cost to you for our free Internet Loan Calculator. Call us today and check out our demo product. We think you’ll like what you see.

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